Is Dipping Nail Powder Good for Your Nails – Weigh the Pros and Cons

Dipping powder manicures have gained global acceptance for some decades now. It is one of the favorites of women the world over. While dipping nail powder manicures are easy to master, they come with their benefits and drawbacks. Many people consider this manicure healthy because it does not involve exposure to UV light. Yes, it is beneficial because excessive exposure to UV light can cause cancer. Besides this advantage, dipping powder nails last longer than other manicure procedures. This article dwells on the pros and cons of dipping powder manicures to help you make an informed decision.

Is Dipping Nail Powder Good for Your Nails – Weigh the Pros and Cons

Before discussing the pros and cons, here is a brief on the dipping powder procedure.

You start by buffing and filing the nails using sterilized equipment. Next, you take care of your cuticles by gently pushing them into their grooves. Apply the basecoat on the nail surface before dipping your nails in the dipping powder. Alternatively, you sprinkle dip powder on your nails. Use a sterilized brush to dust off the excess layers. Proceed with the activator gel that bonds the powder to the basecoat. Finally, apply the topcoat layer to finish the manicure.

The Advantages of Dipping Powder Nails

It lasts longer than other manicures

The prime advantage of dipping nail powder manicures is that it lasts comfortably for three to four weeks. Gel polish does not last for more than a fortnight, whereas acrylic nails are prone to chipping or breaking off after a couple of weeks.

You get an extensive range of color choices

Dipping powder nails have become popular in the past decade. Therefore, many top manufacturers have started producing high-quality dipping powder in various color combinations. While dipping powder color choices cannot compete with gel polish, you get an extensive range to choose your favorite color options.

The process is easy to master at home

Nail salons have taken a massive hit with the pandemic forcing lockdowns worldwide. Hence, people have learned how to get this manicure at home. This procedure is the easiest to master because it does not require you to have ambidextrous skills.

Dipping powder does not require exposure to UV lights

The best aspect of dipping powder is that the topcoat application dries within minutes. Therefore, there is no need to place your nails under the UV lamp for curing as you do with gel polish. The lack of exposure to UV lights is beneficial because it rules out the risk of skin cancer.

Dipping powder strengthens the nails

Dipping powder creates a protective layer over the nails and protects them from damage. If you follow the correct procedure, dipping powder does not cause nail chipping or cracking. Hence, they strengthen the nails.

The Disadvantages of Dipping Powder

Dipping powder manicures have hygiene issues

A DIY procedure should not be a problem, but having a dipping nail powder manicure at a salon exposes you to hygienic issues. Generally, you find multiple women dipping their nails into the same bottle. If one of them had a nail infection, it could pass on to you. The best solution is to carry your product with you when visiting a nail salon. It ensures that you alone use the powder and thus can remain free from infections.

This manicure can look bulkier than regular nail polish procedures

Dip nail powder involves having multiple layers of powder on your nails. It can give your nail a bulky look. You can reduce the layers by tapping your nails with a clean brush. However, it would help if you did so before applying the activator gel and topcoat.

Some women can be allergic to dipping powders

Dipping powder is a monomer that contains specific chemicals. Some women can be allergic to organic compounds. It can cause irritation and other side reactions. However, choosing a top-quality brand is advisable because they offer high-quality allergen-free products.

Removing dip powder can damage your nails

The primary disadvantage of nail dip powder manicures is their removal procedure. If you do not follow the proper method, it can result in the chipping of the nail. The ideal way is to file the excess dip powder layer and soak your nails in acetone for half an hour.

Final Thoughts

We have discussed various aspects of dipping powder manicures. We have seen that the process is amongst the easiest to master. Removing dipping nail polish is easy, but you should follow the correct procedure. Otherwise, you could injure yourself. The damage can take time to heal. While dipping powder manicure has become more popular, you have high-quality products flooding the market. Therefore, it is critical that you choose the ideal product for your nails. The pros and cons discussed here could help you immensely.