Easy Steps to Removing OPI Dip Powder Nail Manicures

Dipping powder manicures are popular because they last longer. Secondly, these manicures are the easiest to apply. It does not require much practice. Besides, dipping powder does not harm your nails and health. Further, dipping powder is available in an extensive range of attractive colors. However, one should ensure using quality products like OPI dipping powder.

How to Remove Dip Powder Manicures at Home

People wonder whether removing dipping powder is easy. You will be excited to know that removing a dipping powder manicure is not challenging at all. But, it requires patience to master the art. So, let us discuss the easy steps to help remove dip powder manicures perfectly.

How to Remove Dip Powder Manicures at Home

Check your nails for damages to the manicure

Before starting the dip powder removal procedure, we advise you to check if the manicure is damaged. Your nails can chip, or the dipping powder layer can lift and cause problems. Lifting the powder layer can leave gaps between the powder layer and the nail surface, allowing water to seep in and cause infections. Also, a chipped nail can break when you file the dipping powder layer. Therefore, checking the nails for damage is the first step toward a safe removal procedure.

File the dip powder layer carefully

Usually, dip powder manicures remain intact for more than three weeks. Natural nail growth is the prime reason for removing the existing dip nail manicure. An acetone soak can dissolve the dip powder completely. However, it takes much time. Therefore, filing off as much dip powder from the nails is beneficial. It reduces the time required for the acetone soak. Thus, it prevents your nails and skin from becoming dehydrated.

Use a good-quality nail file to scrape off your nails’ top layers of dip powders. We advise you to be gentle and exercise utmost care, or you could end up scraping the nail surface and causing injuries. The objective is to remove as much dip powder as possible. Then, clean the debris using a damp towel and prepare the nails for removal.

The acetone soak is the main part of the exercise

Ideally, you can dip your nails in a bowl containing acetone. However, that will expose your skin to acetone and cause dehydration. Therefore, we recommend using cotton swabs soaked in acetone for the dip powder manicure removal process.

Place the acetone-soaked cotton swabs on your nails and secure them well with aluminum wrap. You get rubber caps that can fit securely over your nails to prevent the acetone from evaporating. Please tie the wraps properly to prevent them from flying off.

Maintain the position for nearly 25 minutes. It depends on the residual dip powder layer on the nail surface. The more the dip powder layer, the longer the soaking period.

Wait for 25 to 30 minutes before removing the aluminum wrap. The dip powder should dissolve entirely in acetone, and the layer should slide off smoothly. You can use an orangewood cuticle pusher to push the layer gently, allowing it to slide down the nail. Please do not exert more force. You can repeat the soaking process if the OPI dip layer does not come off quickly.

Wash the nails well with soap and water

Once the dipping powder layers slide off the nails, you can wash the nails with soap and water. The objective is to remove the traces of acetone from the nail surface. Acetone is toxic and can harm your health if ingested accidentally. Alcohol-based cleaners are also suitable for eliminating acetone residue.

Pamper your nails well

Dab the nails with a dry towel and massage them with cuticle oil. First, the nails, cuticles, and surrounding skin require pampering to keep them hydrated and healthy. Secondly, we advise you to give your manicure a holiday for a week, allowing the nails to recuperate naturally. Meanwhile, we recommend maintaining a healthy diet to ensure proper hydration.

The entire dip powder manicure removal procedure can take more than 45 minutes to an hour. Hence, it requires much patience from your side. We advise everyone to follow the proper technique and not try shortcuts for dip powder manicure removal. You could injure your nails, which take much time to heal. While alternatives to acetone are available, they are not equally efficient.

So, your dip nail manicure removal is over. But, you can wait for a week and have a new manicure.

Wrap it Up

The nail salon is the best place for removing a dip powder manicure because the technicians are trained professionals. However, you can learn the procedure and try it at home. We have discussed the easiest way to ensure the total removal of dip powder manicures. You would have noticed that the process is simple. All it requires is some practice.