Features of Using Acrylic Powder Color for Nails!

To take care of our nails and create artistic, fashionable and beautiful nails, we use a lot of materials, products and modern methods. In this list, acrylic powder can be mentioned, it is a powder with many useful and versatile applications and the special feature of acrylic powder color is its active application both to correct and strengthen the nail plate. First, let’s learn more about the reason why acrylic nails were born.

Features of Using Acrylic Powder Color for Nails!

Why Was Acrylic Powder Color Born?

Our real nails are soft in nature, if they are not taken care of, they will easily weaken and break easily! Especially women today are directly exposed to soap and chemicals every day, which are also factors that make our nails weak and surface, nail surface not bright and smooth, these things sometimes makes it difficult to use gel polishes and other materials to create a beautiful nail during manicure and nail imperfections lead to premature peeling of the applied coating on the nails. (more…)

What Is the Best Skincare Routine for Combination Skin?

The majority of people have combination skin that is neither too oily nor too dry. They have an oily forehead and nose while their cheeks and jaw remain dry. Hence, you have to choose a skincare routine that can keep the face moisturized and clear from dirt and oil at the same time. In this article, we will find out the best skincare routine for combination skin.

Best Skincare Routine for Combination Skin

Best Skin Care Routine for Combination Skin

Not every skincare product is made for combination skin. Furthermore, it is crucial to follow the best skincare routine based on the skin type. Here are the 6 important steps to take care of the combination skin.

Gently Clean Your Face

Cleansing is the essential process in the skincare regimen. Without using a cleanser, any product you apply won’t give the perfect glow and shine.

Our skin starts creating excess oil and impurities after every 10 hours. Hence, it is important to use a cleanser twice daily. A gentle cleanser for combination skin can remove all the impurities and prep the face for another skincare product.

Apply a Toner

You must use a toner to tighten the pores and remove grime and pollutants from the skin. Best Korean toner for combination skin can remove any last traces of makeup and sunscreen. Toners that come in spray bottles are perfect for people who want instant results.

Apply an Eye Cream

Eye cream is popularly used to reduce the signs of aging and fine lines. Since the skin around our eyes is delicate and can be easily damaged, we need to use eye cream to nourish and hydrate the area. Furthermore, eye cream is known for fading dark circles.

Don’t be too harsh when applying the eye cream. If you want a youthful appearance, don’t skip this step in the skincare routine. (more…)

Nine Beautiful Shades That Can Help Sail Through the Fall Season with Grace

Though the summers are getting hotter and not showing any signs of abating, it is time to pull out your best gel polish collection for the fall season that is around the corner. As the leaves start to fall around, you should consider the changes you need to make to your wardrobe. While you replace the summer sandals with fall booties and cozy sweaters, you should also pay attention to your nail polish by selecting the right colors from the best gel nail polish brands available in town.

Here are the best fall nail color ideas for 2021.

Top Nail Color for Fall

The sandy white can serve as a perfect transition color

Nail Color for Fall

The lighter hues are best suited for the summer months. Hence, you have the off-white and nude fingertip colors in abundance. However, the fall season will see you pull out the darker colors from your closet. An immediate change would not look good. The sandy white shade is the perfect transition color as you let go of the warm weather paint and embrace the darker winter shades. The best aspect of the shady white color option is that it gels perfectly with almost everything. (more…)

The 3 Best Base & Top Coat Reviews

When it comes to manicured nails, we are looking for something more than just popping colors. We look forward to the glaring shine and want our glossy nails to last for days. Besides the best gelixir polish colors, you need to use the best base and top coat duo to obtain that glass-like shine and to make your manicure last longer. Here are some of the best top and base coat options to provide your nails with the look they deserve.

The Best Base & Top Coat Reviews

Top 3 Base & Top Coat

Gelixir Top Duo & Gel Base

We have the gelixir polish colors at the top of our nail polishes and gelixir reviews. Let us start with the gelixir gel base fist. If you are looking for a long-lasting manicure, you need a professional gel base coat and top coat as the perfect combination for glossy nails. The Gelixir gel base and top duo exhibit a professional finishing touch, which will make your DIY manicure look as if you just came from the nail salon and had your nails professionally done. (more…)

Top 6 Best Facial Skin Care Products for 2021

Best Facial Skin Care Products

Facial skin care should not be taken for granted at any cost. After all it’s your face that is the first impression of your overall personality. A well maintained facial skin and a fresh, pretty face leaves a permanent mark on the other person’s mind. A lot of skin care products are there to help you in taking care of your facial skin. We chose a few of the best of these products that you can try to get beautiful and healthy facial skin.

MY BEAUTY DIARY-Hyaluronic Acid Ultra Moisturizing Facial Mask

Amazon best-selling product B01H4VZ5WA


Having dry skin, you really need to use a product that brings back the natural moisture balance of the skin. This face mask will do this for you. The Beauty Diary face mask contains especially designed microparticles of hyaluronic acid which circulate efficiently in your skin and restore moisture. The moisture is retained for many days and skin remains soft and smooth.

Freeman Feeling Beautiful Charcoal & Black Sugar Gel Mask

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Using makeup frequently or exposure to dust creates stubborn blackheads which are not easy to remove. Here is the best charcoal mask for treating all your blackhead and whitehead related issues. It will detoxify your skin, extracting out all the blackheads and leaving your skin clean, soft, smooth and fresh. Along with that, it uplifts your facial skin and makes it rejuvenated.

InstaNatural Exfoliating Glycolic Face Mask & Facial Scrub

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The InstaNatural face mask and scrub is a multiple action formula which works for all skin types. It provides a variety of benefits. These include moisturization and renewal of skin cells, making them bright and radiant. The soothing ingredients heal all the redness and irritation giving you a refreshing feel. Additionally, the vitamin C gives antioxidant boost to your skin, preventing infections. (more…)

Best Nail Trend with OPI Gel Lacquer for 2021

If you are looking for the latest nail trends in 2020, you have come to the right place. Even if you are not, we help broaden your thinking to enable you to experiment with your preferences and thus be in tune with what women worldwide are now trending.

While medical professionals consider nails as the windows of your health, cosmetologists treat them as windows of your style and beauty quotient. Therefore, it becomes more essential to showcase the latest trends.

OPI gel color provides you with ample choice to experiment with an incredible range of colors. The best aspect of nail trends is that you can follow a trend or even set a trend that others follow. So, you are in a win-win situation as you draw your inspiration from the myriad combinations that OPI gel lacquer brings to the table.

Keep scrolling to know about some latest trends that you can experiment with.

Best Nail Trend with OPI Gel Lacquer

Metallic Nails remain the trend

Though women prefer soft shades that help them look demure, metallic trends have come to stay. The beauty of metallic trends is that it envisages the use of bold colors. Secondly, it suits an exciting range of options, from warm rose gold to icy platinum hues.

Metallic shades attract women who love to wear their femininity on their sleeves. It makes them feel dominant, and this dominance carries forward to boost their confidence levels largely. (more…)

Top 5 Best Way to Get Rid of Acne for 2021

Best Way to Get Rid of Acne

Skin conditions could become very hard to handle sometimes, especially if it is on your face. One of the most commonly occurring skin conditions is acne. People with acne prone skin usually complain that they have used every product and every remedy to get rid of acne but nothing works. This is because the hormonal effects on the skin make it hard for any product to actually work and let the acne heal. If you are also tired of using every product on your face, just check our compilation of the best ways to get rid of acne and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

Project E Beauty Blue LED+ Acne Light Therapy

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Project E beauty is the best blue light therapy at home for acne prone skin, try it for once and you’ll definitely fall in love with the amazing results. The blue light adjusts the levels of sebum and oil secretions which prevent acne breakout as excessive oil production is one of the main reasons of acne breakout.  Blue light also keeps the skin tight and adds in the beauty of the face. The combination of electrodes and photons allows uplifting and exfoliation of skin cells, healing of inflamed skin and reduction of inflammation. The number of modes and usage options make it user friendly. It is also free from UV radiations.

Acne Treatment Differin Gel

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The Differin acne gel treats acne from roots and does not allow pimples to form. It brings the texture of the skin back to normal and makes the skin even and toned. The prevention of infection allows efficient reduction in inflammation and future outbreaks. The gel also helps in getting rid of old acne scars and does not allows blemishes to form. The product is non-comedogenic and made from totally natural and vegan ingredients. It is clinically approved to be skin friendly. (more…)

Top 5 Best Night Skin Care for Extra Glowy Skin

Best Night Skin Care

After a long day of work, during which the skin keeps getting exposed to dust, impurities and other environmental factors, a good night skin care routine really helps to bring the skin back to the normal. It helps in restoration of healthy texture and tone, and makes it look bright and fresh. Our pick of the best night skin care products which will help you to cleanse, refresh and rehydrate the skin.

NEOGEN x Joan Kim Vita Duo Cream

Amazon best-selling product B07H7CWF8H


The Dual action of Neogen×Joan Kim makes it the best Korean face cream. Its key ingredients, that is Green tea and vitamin supplements provide hydrating and moisturizing effects to the skin. It helps in rejuvenating and exfoliating the skin and evens out dark complexion. It could be a perfect part of your night skin care routine and it also works amazingly during the day. During the night, it works on the deeper skin cells and strengthens the natural powers of the skin. It helps in restoration of natural moisture barrier and also aids in relieving stress.

Olay Regenerist Retinol Eye Cream

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The vitamin B3 and retinol complex works overnight around the skin and provides hydration. The light weight formula works incredibly to provide nourishment to the eye and results are noticeable within a few days of use. It helps in brightening the skin tone, firming the skin cells, prevents wrinkles and fine lines. It also prevents the formation of dark circles around the eyes. The formation of eye bags due to tiredness is also prevented as it causes firmness and tightness of loose skin, giving a younger and youthful look.

Cetaphil Redness Relieving Night Moisturizer

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Wearing makeup for longer periods of time or exposing skin to dirt and impurities may cause severe dehydration and drying out of skin. This moisturizer will help you in restoring the moisture of the skin and strengthens the skin’s natural hydration barrier. It evens out the texture of skin and helps getting rid of dark spots. The carefully designed formula gives a soothing effect to the irritated skin and reduces redness and inflammation. The product is non comedogenic and contains no synthetic fragrances. (more…)

How to Make Acne Scars and Age Spots Invisible

Have you ever had a day when you didn’t want to leave the house because of the spots on your face?

It’s uncomfortable to look in the mirror and see scars and marks marring your complexion.

And it’s hard to be brave and act like you don’t care.

But you’re not powerless.

You have two tried and tested tools to make that discoloration invisible.

How to Make Acne Scars and Age Spots Invisible

Let’s discuss what they are.

Tool number one: lightening cream

There are many moisturizers, serums, and products that claim to fade hyperpigmentation.

How can you tell which one is appropriate for your situation?

More importantly, how do you know which ones actually work?

Well, the basic principle is the same.

To get rid of acne scars, age spots, and melasma, you need to do two things.

You need to exfoliate to get rid of dead, discolored skin.

Next, you need to prevent the dark pigmentation from coming back.

Therefore, the best hyperpigmentation lightening creams usually have a two-pronged attack.

(They may also provide sunscreen, but we’ll get to that in a moment.)

When you shop for lightening cream, you need to know a few details.


Learn These 2 Skills to Earn More as a Tattoo Artist

There are two skills you can learn that will guarantee you more income as a tattoo artist.

If you know how to do these types of tattoos, you’ll be in high demand.

Don’t believe me?

Then take a few minutes to scroll through Instagram and check to see what people are charging.

Your eyes are going to pop!

Learn These 2 Skills to Earn More as a Tattoo Artist

Skill Number 1: Nearly Invisible Tattoos

Master the skill of using white ink or invisible UV-reactive ink to create nearly invisible tattoos.

You’re going to cater to an eager group of people who badly want to be inked.

Many out there would love to have a tattoo. But unfortunately, because of their jobs, their family, or their fashion sense, they’ve put it off.

Give them the opportunity to change that.

White tattoos are elegant. They create a barely-there effect that’s easy to hide with makeup if necessary.

There are several types of white ink available.

Some are ideal for mixing gray wash and others for doing highlights.

Make sure you understand which ones are the best white tattoo inks to use for white tattoos.

Much will depend on the natural skin tone of the client.

Also, a similar but even more astonishing result is possible with UV-reactive ink.

We’ll get to that in a moment.