Easy Steps to Removing OPI Dip Powder Nail Manicures

Dipping powder manicures are popular because they last longer. Secondly, these manicures are the easiest to apply. It does not require much practice. Besides, dipping powder does not harm your nails and health. Further, dipping powder is available in an extensive range of attractive colors. However, one should ensure using quality products like OPI dipping powder.

How to Remove Dip Powder Manicures at Home

People wonder whether removing dipping powder is easy. You will be excited to know that removing a dipping powder manicure is not challenging at all. But, it requires patience to master the art. So, let us discuss the easy steps to help remove dip powder manicures perfectly.

How to Remove Dip Powder Manicures at Home

Check your nails for damages to the manicure

Before starting the dip powder removal procedure, we advise you to check if the manicure is damaged. Your nails can chip, or the dipping powder layer can lift and cause problems. Lifting the powder layer can leave gaps between the powder layer and the nail surface, allowing water to seep in and cause infections. Also, a chipped nail can break when you file the dipping powder layer. Therefore, checking the nails for damage is the first step toward a safe removal procedure. (more…)

Beat the Heat with These Summery Nail Colors

Summer is a time for fun in the sun, but it can also be a time for some serious style. If you’re looking to switch up your look with something new and fresh, why not try out one of these summery nail colors? From cool blues to hot pinks, there’s definitely a shade for everyone.

So what are you waiting for? Beat the heat this summer with some seriously stylish nails!

Summer Nail Colors



Orange is an amazingly cheerful color that is made for summertime. It can be used as a base color or as an accent color. Orange looks great with any skin tone, and it can be used to create fun and festive designs.



Yellow is such a happy color, and it really pops against tanned skin. If you’re feeling daring, go for a bolder shade like canary yellow. If you want something more subtle, try a lemonade yellow. The DND DC polish comes in various shades of this color so you should definitely give it a try. you can create floral or geometric designs with yellow, or keep it simple with a solid color. (more…)

Tanning Oil and Accelerator: Benefits and Uses

Most people know that tanning oil and accelerators are used to help someone get a better tan. However, there are many other benefits to using these products. In this article, we will discuss the different benefits of both tanning oil and accelerator, as well as how to use them.

Tanning Oil and Accelerator

What Are Tanning Oil and Accelerators, and What Do They Do?

Tanning oil is a product that is used to help someone get a better tan. It usually contains ingredients that help to moisturize the skin and make it more elastic. This makes it easier for the skin to bronze evenly. Especially for fair skin, it does wonders. The best tanning oil for fair skin will give you the ultimate bronzing effect that you have always wanted.

An accelerator is a product that is used to increase the speed of the tanning process. It is a clear, thick liquid that is applied to the skin before exposure to sunlight or artificial UV light.

What Are the Benefits of Using Tanning Oil and an Accelerator Together?

The benefits of using tanning oil and accelerator together are many. The oil helps to moisturize the skin and keep it looking healthy, while the accelerator helps to speed up the tanning process, resulting in a deeper, more even tan. Additionally, the combination of oil and accelerator helps to prevent skin damage from the sun’s rays. (more…)

How to Choose the Best Shampoo for Your Skin Type?

If you’ve been using the wrong shampoo for your hair type, it could be making your scalp dry or itchy. It might also cause a lot of build-ups on your hair which leads to an unappealing look that is greasy and flat. In order to avoid these problems, read this article so you can find out how to choose the best shampoo for your skin type!

Best Shampoo for Your Skin Type

Best Shampoo for Your Skin Type

For Oily Skin

For oily scalp skin, you should try to find a shampoo that is gentle and doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals. Look for shampoos that are labeled “sulfate-free” since sulfates are known to strip the hair of its natural oils. If you have oily hair, you need the best drugstore shampoos for oily hair that will help remove the excess oil without stripping your scalp of its natural oils. Look for a shampoo with salicylic acid or tea tree oil, which are both great for removing oil from the scalp.

For Dry Skin

A shampoo that contains moisturizing ingredients will work the best for dry skin. Look for shampoos that are labeled “moisturizing” or “hydrating”. If you have dry hair, you need a shampoo that will add moisture back into your strands. Look for a moisturizing shampoo with argan oil or shea butter, which will help to hydrate and protect your hair. (more…)

Is Dipping Nail Powder Good for Your Nails – Weigh the Pros and Cons

Dipping powder manicures have gained global acceptance for some decades now. It is one of the favorites of women the world over. While dipping nail powder manicures are easy to master, they come with their benefits and drawbacks. Many people consider this manicure healthy because it does not involve exposure to UV light. Yes, it is beneficial because excessive exposure to UV light can cause cancer. Besides this advantage, dipping powder nails last longer than other manicure procedures. This article dwells on the pros and cons of dipping powder manicures to help you make an informed decision.

Is Dipping Nail Powder Good for Your Nails – Weigh the Pros and Cons

Before discussing the pros and cons, here is a brief on the dipping powder procedure.

You start by buffing and filing the nails using sterilized equipment. Next, you take care of your cuticles by gently pushing them into their grooves. Apply the basecoat on the nail surface before dipping your nails in the dipping powder. Alternatively, you sprinkle dip powder on your nails. Use a sterilized brush to dust off the excess layers. Proceed with the activator gel that bonds the powder to the basecoat. Finally, apply the topcoat layer to finish the manicure.

The Advantages of Dipping Powder Nails

It lasts longer than other manicures

The prime advantage of dipping nail powder manicures is that it lasts comfortably for three to four weeks. Gel polish does not last for more than a fortnight, whereas acrylic nails are prone to chipping or breaking off after a couple of weeks. (more…)

A List of Basic OPI Products You Must Have in Your Nail Salon

If you’re looking to start a nail salon, one of the most important decisions you’ll make is what products to stock. OPI products are some of the best on the market, and they’re sure to be popular with your clients. Here’s a list of the basic OPI products you should have in your salon.

OPI Products Must Have in Nail Salon

A List of Basic OPI Products You Must Have in Your Nail Salon

OPI gel color

It is one of the key products in any nail salon. OPI nail gel colors are available in a variety of colors to suit every client’s needs. This product is perfect for creating long-lasting, high-quality nails. Vibrant gel colors dry fast and create a shiny, glossy finish. Also, it won’t chip or scrape off when the wearer is involved in everyday activities such as washing dishes or doing housework. So, it is a great product to ensure customer satisfaction, and they would definitely love to visit you again. (more…)

Features of Using Acrylic Powder Color for Nails!

To take care of our nails and create artistic, fashionable and beautiful nails, we use a lot of materials, products and modern methods. In this list, acrylic powder can be mentioned, it is a powder with many useful and versatile applications and the special feature of acrylic powder color is its active application both to correct and strengthen the nail plate. First, let’s learn more about the reason why acrylic nails were born.

Features of Using Acrylic Powder Color for Nails!

Why Was Acrylic Powder Color Born?

Our real nails are soft in nature, if they are not taken care of, they will easily weaken and break easily! Especially women today are directly exposed to soap and chemicals every day, which are also factors that make our nails weak and surface, nail surface not bright and smooth, these things sometimes makes it difficult to use gel polishes and other materials to create a beautiful nail during manicure and nail imperfections lead to premature peeling of the applied coating on the nails. (more…)

What Is the Best Skincare Routine for Combination Skin?

The majority of people have combination skin that is neither too oily nor too dry. They have an oily forehead and nose while their cheeks and jaw remain dry. Hence, you have to choose a skincare routine that can keep the face moisturized and clear from dirt and oil at the same time. In this article, we will find out the best skincare routine for combination skin.

Best Skincare Routine for Combination Skin

Best Skin Care Routine for Combination Skin

Not every skincare product is made for combination skin. Furthermore, it is crucial to follow the best skincare routine based on the skin type. Here are the 6 important steps to take care of the combination skin.

Gently Clean Your Face

Cleansing is the essential process in the skincare regimen. Without using a cleanser, any product you apply won’t give the perfect glow and shine.

Our skin starts creating excess oil and impurities after every 10 hours. Hence, it is important to use a cleanser twice daily. A gentle cleanser for combination skin can remove all the impurities and prep the face for another skincare product.

Apply a Toner

You must use a toner to tighten the pores and remove grime and pollutants from the skin. Best Korean toner for combination skin can remove any last traces of makeup and sunscreen. Toners that come in spray bottles are perfect for people who want instant results.

Apply an Eye Cream

Eye cream is popularly used to reduce the signs of aging and fine lines. Since the skin around our eyes is delicate and can be easily damaged, we need to use eye cream to nourish and hydrate the area. Furthermore, eye cream is known for fading dark circles.

Don’t be too harsh when applying the eye cream. If you want a youthful appearance, don’t skip this step in the skincare routine. (more…)

Nine Beautiful Shades That Can Help Sail Through the Fall Season with Grace

Though the summers are getting hotter and not showing any signs of abating, it is time to pull out your best gel polish collection for the fall season that is around the corner. As the leaves start to fall around, you should consider the changes you need to make to your wardrobe. While you replace the summer sandals with fall booties and cozy sweaters, you should also pay attention to your nail polish by selecting the right colors from the best gel nail polish brands available in town.

Here are the best fall nail color ideas for 2021.

Top Nail Color for Fall

The sandy white can serve as a perfect transition color

Nail Color for Fall

The lighter hues are best suited for the summer months. Hence, you have the off-white and nude fingertip colors in abundance. However, the fall season will see you pull out the darker colors from your closet. An immediate change would not look good. The sandy white shade is the perfect transition color as you let go of the warm weather paint and embrace the darker winter shades. The best aspect of the shady white color option is that it gels perfectly with almost everything. (more…)

The 3 Best Base & Top Coat Reviews

When it comes to manicured nails, we are looking for something more than just popping colors. We look forward to the glaring shine and want our glossy nails to last for days. Besides the best gelixir polish colors, you need to use the best base and top coat duo to obtain that glass-like shine and to make your manicure last longer. Here are some of the best top and base coat options to provide your nails with the look they deserve.

The Best Base & Top Coat Reviews

Top 3 Base & Top Coat

Gelixir Top Duo & Gel Base

We have the gelixir polish colors at the top of our nail polishes and gelixir reviews. Let us start with the gelixir gel base fist. If you are looking for a long-lasting manicure, you need a professional gel base coat and top coat as the perfect combination for glossy nails. The Gelixir gel base and top duo exhibit a professional finishing touch, which will make your DIY manicure look as if you just came from the nail salon and had your nails professionally done. (more…)