Features of Using Acrylic Powder Color for Nails!

To take care of our nails and create artistic, fashionable and beautiful nails, we use a lot of materials, products and modern methods. In this list, acrylic powder can be mentioned, it is a powder with many useful and versatile applications and the special feature of acrylic powder color is its active application both to correct and strengthen the nail plate. First, let’s learn more about the reason why acrylic nails were born.

Features of Using Acrylic Powder Color for Nails!

Why Was Acrylic Powder Color Born?

Our real nails are soft in nature, if they are not taken care of, they will easily weaken and break easily! Especially women today are directly exposed to soap and chemicals every day, which are also factors that make our nails weak and surface, nail surface not bright and smooth, these things sometimes makes it difficult to use gel polishes and other materials to create a beautiful nail during manicure and nail imperfections lead to premature peeling of the applied coating on the nails.

To minimize such situations, acrylic powder nails were developed, nail acrylic powder was born as a savior for girls, who have weak and ugly nails. On the other hand, it helps to form on the nail surface hard and fast-drying coatings, while filling in imperfections on the natural nail surface!

This powder is very easy to use and with today’s modern technology, almost all acrylic powders have improved in quality, especially here Acrylic and dip powder of Lavis Dip System, the product line This can take care of nail health and beautify nails with many other applications right at home if you practice and find out about this method regularly! Really, you can easily do it at home without having to go to the nail salon to see the manicurists.

Features and Notes of Using Acrylic Powder Color for Nails!

Acrylic Nails are artificial nails placed on natural nails that use a polymer powder and a liquid called a monomer. The combination of this polymer powder and liquid monomer creates a hard – plastic compound called acrylic. It is attached to the nail to strengthen and with its vibrant, varied colors, it also contributes to the decoration and beauty of the nail. The convenient thing about this method is that for this method, you don’t need to use LED or UV lights to dry the nails and that also minimizes skin damage during the manicure process.

But the important thing in any nail method and especially in acrylic nails is that you need to make sure your nails are treated neatly and cleanly before application, the nail treatment process includes trimming and shaping your nails as the shape you want, file them, remove excess skin and dead cells, wash your hands and let them dry.

Then apply hand and nail lotion and wait for 10-15 minutes. And then professional manicurists will conduct acrylic nails for you with professional techniques, although this powder is easy to use, you should not be subjective to ensure the desired results! Of course, for those who do not often do their own nails and do not understand nail products, it will not be possible to perform this technique at home for the first time because it is relatively complicated and many operations.

Some Advices When Using Acrylic Powder Colors

In order to have beautiful and durable nails while still ensuring stable use for health and real nails, you need to be smart to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of this method as well as learn and select specialized products from the leading reputable distributors and brands of nail polish/dipping powder. So why do you have to do that? Because distributors and famous brands have quality product lines with clear origin. In addition, being pioneers and having many years of experience, they know very well how to develop their products and improve the quality and applicability of their products.

Lavis dip system acrylic and dip powder product line allows extremely useful features for nail decoration, this kind of acrylic & dipping powder color can be used as dip powder, acrylic, 3D designs, and sugar effects. Help users save time, provide many choices and many methods of nail beauty on the same product. Moreover, this product line does not contain ingredients that are dangerous for health and nails, limits unpleasant odors and colors are extremely accurate with the colors displayed on the color chart of the company with only 1 -2 times applied.

Final Thought

As mentioned above, acrylic powder has the ability to strengthen and fill cracks on the nail surface, so it has a very high adhesion to the nail surface and that’s why the acrylic nail removal process is also relatively more difficult than other nail methods, so it is important to follow enough steps, gentle manipulation and correct technique so as not to harm the real nails at the step of removal.