Best Nail Trend with OPI Gel Lacquer for 2021

If you are looking for the latest nail trends in 2020, you have come to the right place. Even if you are not, we help broaden your thinking to enable you to experiment with your preferences and thus be in tune with what women worldwide are now trending.

While medical professionals consider nails as the windows of your health, cosmetologists treat them as windows of your style and beauty quotient. Therefore, it becomes more essential to showcase the latest trends.

OPI gel color provides you with ample choice to experiment with an incredible range of colors. The best aspect of nail trends is that you can follow a trend or even set a trend that others follow. So, you are in a win-win situation as you draw your inspiration from the myriad combinations that OPI gel lacquer brings to the table.

Keep scrolling to know about some latest trends that you can experiment with.

Best Nail Trend with OPI Gel Lacquer

Metallic Nails remain the trend

Though women prefer soft shades that help them look demure, metallic trends have come to stay. The beauty of metallic trends is that it envisages the use of bold colors. Secondly, it suits an exciting range of options, from warm rose gold to icy platinum hues.

Metallic shades attract women who love to wear their femininity on their sleeves. It makes them feel dominant, and this dominance carries forward to boost their confidence levels largely.

The exciting aspect of metallic shades is that you get to experiment with an almost inexhaustible range of colors. OPI gel color proves more than equal to the task by offering a tremendous range of colors to choose from.

The yellow is back

Recently, red and blue were the trend, with many women opting for different shades of these basic colors. Today, yellow is making a grand comeback after a long hiatus. The color yellow signifies youth and the fun spirit that unadulterated youth brings with it. You find young girls attracted to yellow shades more than ever.

OPI nail lacquer adds to the popularity by introducing an exciting range of yellow shades to enable women to experiment and enhance their overall beauty quotient.

Dark Greens have become flattering

Not long ago, people used to feel uncomfortable wearing dark green shades as they felt it brought out the dark side of their personality into the open. However, women have since started to assert themselves in a big way. It has resulted in the dark greens coming out of the closet more often than before.

Today, you find more women displaying their beautiful nail designs interspersed with exciting dark green shades. This color has now become universally flattering, with these women getting tons of compliments everywhere.

Pastels are making a grand comeback

Once considered the craze of the 90s, the pastels are making tremendous inroads into the nail design industry as we draw close to the end of the second decade of the 21st century. The new decade will witness a major change, with women feeling free to experiment with a fantastic range of pastel colors. OPI nails has seized the trend and is coming out with its marvelous collection very soon.

Soft Orange is going nowhere

Though colors like yellow and dark greens are fast becoming the new trends, the soft orange colors maintain their stand. It is because this color allows you to try out almost any combination with ease.

With winter setting in the northern hemisphere and Christmas approaching, people lookout for the latest christmas nail art design trends. The soft orange combos provide them with the ideal match as they gel perfectly with almost all colors.

The Nude Color is gearing up for a new spring

If the latest 2020 fashion shows are any indication, one can be certain that the nude colors are gearing up for a cool spin. You could witness a matchless range of nude matte, nude ombre, or plain nude colors ruling the roost at these fashion shows. It shows that people still have faith in this humble trend.

The roaring 80s trends are in the mix

The 80s was the best decade as far as OPI nail polish trends were concerned. People loved to experiment with fun designs by applying different colors to their fingernails to set new and exciting trends.

Today, the 80s seem to be back in full strength as we find these vibrant designs in several recent fashion shows.


Whatever be the trend, one thing will never take a backseat, and that is quality. There will always be a market for high-quality products as long as women worldwide yearn to show off their natural attractiveness quotient by beautifying their nails. Social media channels, Instagram, and Pinterest, will witness a deluge of traffic in coming times.