Create Fun and Amazing Watercolor Nail Arts Using Nail Dipping Powder

Watercolor is one of the arts that almost all of us love. All of us experienced that when we were in kindergarten and it is no surprise why even as grown-ups girls use it in fashion. From watercolor-painted shirt, bags and other accessories, the trend also goes with the nails. This nail art reminds us of our favorite watercolor paintings or our own childish attempts at art as children. Watercolor nails are light, dainty, and quite unique and they don’t require some sort of expertise. All it takes is creativity and a bit of patience to recreate this art. Achieve professional-looking watercolor nail art from this list that we have prepared for you.

Watercolor nails

1. Color Splatter on White Nails

Thinking of ways to make your usual white nails a bit more fun? Well, you can begin with this basic watercolor nail art. If painting is not your cup of tea, then this one suits you best. You can achieve this look by uing any dipping powder that you have. Create a triangle shape on the middle of the nail and color that however way you want. You will be surprised how beautiful the finish product is.


A Guide to Finding the Best Nail Supply Store

Every nail owner, nail technician or even home nail artists know that when it comes to buying nail accessories and nail polish, cost eventually add up every now and then. Therefore, buying nail supplies in bulk from your trusted nail supply store can help you save time and money. The principle of buying nail supplies in bulk also applies to everything from nail polish to manicure kits.

Nail Supply

Here are some of the best tips about what nail supplies to buy in bulk if you are interested in stocking up:

Nail Polish

Seeing nail polishes in every trendy colour are too irresistible and buying it on bulk will make it cheaper. The best place to get nail polish in bulk is in DTK Nail Supply. They stock up everything from O.P.I and SNS nails supply and buying them in bulk will cost you a fraction of the original price because of the great deals that they have.


How to Remove DND Gel Polish

remove dnd gel polish

The process of removing DND gel polish is not complicated. It is just as easy as that of its application. However, you need to master the art and realize that if you remove it incorrectly you might end up destroying your nails hence jeopardizing your whole 3 weeks of waiting. The strength that your nails might have acquired from the polish will then be gone and you will start from the beginning. If you want to learn how to remove DND gel polish we have all the steps prepared for you.

remove dnd gel polish

File off The Top Layer

The initial process of removing gel polish is filing off the top layer. After you apply the gel and cure it under UV or LED light, you will realize that the gel adheres to the nails so strongly that removing it will take a lot of efforts. It is due to this excess effort that you might end up damaging your nails. What you need to do is take a nail file and file of the top layer. After this shiny layer is removed, you can then continue with the next step. However, do not file so hard that you reach the nail surface. (more…)