Create Fun and Amazing Watercolor Nail Arts Using Nail Dipping Powder

Watercolor is one of the arts that almost all of us love. All of us experienced that when we were in kindergarten and it is no surprise why even as grown-ups girls use it in fashion. From watercolor-painted shirt, bags and other accessories, the trend also goes with the nails. This nail art reminds us of our favorite watercolor paintings or our own childish attempts at art as children. Watercolor nails are light, dainty, and quite unique and they don’t require some sort of expertise. All it takes is creativity and a bit of patience to recreate this art. Achieve professional-looking watercolor nail art from this list that we have prepared for you.

Watercolor nails

1. Color Splatter on White Nails

Thinking of ways to make your usual white nails a bit more fun? Well, you can begin with this basic watercolor nail art. If painting is not your cup of tea, then this one suits you best. You can achieve this look by uing any dipping powder that you have. Create a triangle shape on the middle of the nail and color that however way you want. You will be surprised how beautiful the finish product is.

2. Neon Watercolor Art

Another easy to do watercolor nail art that doesn’t require fine arts diploma. You’ll only need about six neon colors to complete this look. Simply take the nail brush and put a subtle stroke exactly where you want it on the nail. The best part about this neon nail art design is that it’s pretty difficult to screw up since the beauty is in the imperfect polish blends.

3. Watercolor Origami Nail Design

Make use of the white base color to paint on wonderful looking watercolor flowers. Use soft pastel colors to bring out the silky texture that you wish to depict on the flowers. Add line details on top for effect.

4. Classic Clean Looking Watercolor Nails

Abstract designs will surely look great with watercolor nail art. Start with a plain white DND gel as base and choose three or four colors that you can use for the design. You can also add random paint droplets for effect.

5. Watercolor Marble Nail Art

Watercolor marble nail art. Marble nail art uses the motion of water to create its shape; you can also use to paint watercolor style on your nails. Add more drama by giving a paint drip watercolor effect on the dipping powder you use.

6. House Of Blue

Use white as your base color just like the rest of the watercolor design. Then use on your various dipping powder with hues of blue on the top layer. The design looks calm and cool perfect for just about any occasion. You can wear this as it is or you can add a sprinkle silver dust for added effect.

7. Watercolor Checkered Nail Art Design

Paint on checkered print nails in light strokes to achieve the watercolor style. This nail art tends to look very pretty and detailed.