The 3 Best Base & Top Coat Reviews

When it comes to manicured nails, we are looking for something more than just popping colors. We look forward to the glaring shine and want our glossy nails to last for days. Besides the best gelixir polish colors, you need to use the best base and top coat duo to obtain that glass-like shine and to make your manicure last longer. Here are some of the best top and base coat options to provide your nails with the look they deserve.

The Best Base & Top Coat Reviews

Top 3 Base & Top Coat

Gelixir Top Duo & Gel Base

We have the gelixir polish colors at the top of our nail polishes and gelixir reviews. Let us start with the gelixir gel base fist. If you are looking for a long-lasting manicure, you need a professional gel base coat and top coat as the perfect combination for glossy nails. The Gelixir gel base and top duo exhibit a professional finishing touch, which will make your DIY manicure look as if you just came from the nail salon and had your nails professionally done.

The base coat of the gelixir polish colors is the first layer to apply to your nails. After curing your nails, you will apply your choice of gelixir polish colors, and after drying or off comes the last layer of the top coat. The top coat of the reviewed gelixir polish ensures that your nails are glossy, whereas the rich gel texture of the gel gelixir base and top duo protects the nails from chipping. The gelixir top ensures that the nails don’t lose their sine and don’t go through unnecessary wear and tear.

Kiara Sky Gel Polish Top & Base Coat

Next on our list of top reviews, we have the Kiara polish colors. Referring to the top coat of Kiara Sky, we see that it provides the perfect finishing touch that we all look out for when we visit the best-quality professional salons. The Kiara Sky top coat ensures that the manicure lasts for a longer time, preferably three weeks, without wearing off from the nails.

The top coat of the Kiara Sky nail polish colors will cover all nails perfectly and adhere to the gel nail color without causing you to fix your nails. The best part is that the top coat of the Kiara Sky gel colors is a non-wipe coat that ensures the shine on the nails stays for a longer time.

The base coat of the Kiara Sky gel colors is non-chip and protects your nails from wear and tear. The base coat is easy to soak and provides a professional base for the following gel polish colors while preventing a quick wearing-off of the nails. If you want to keep the polish colors on your nails for a longer time, we recommend choosing the Kiara Sky base coat for a glossy shine and a smooth finish to your manicure. For a better manicure, it is recommended to go for a thin base coat and cure it completely before applying the second coat of the gel nail colors.

Miyoune No-Wipe Top Coat & Base Coat Gel

For a professional finishing of your nails, you will have to start right with the Miyoune base and top coat duo, and you will be all set to enjoy the perfect manicure with a glossy finish and no-chip nail for more than three weeks. After filing your nails in the desired shape, and removing all dust and debris, apply the first coat of the Miyoune base coat gel.

Make sure to apply a thin layer. The Miyoune base coat gel will provide your nails with proper coverage while ensuring that your nails remain safe from potential damage. Besides, the base coat of this Miyoune duo also provides a smooth surface for the polish colors to stay on for days.

The gel top coat is a no-wipe coat, which is smooth to apply and keeps your nail protected for up to 21 days without wear and tear. The top and base coats of the Miyoune duo include natural ingredients and provide safe protection for your nails without exposing them to toxic and harmful chemicals.

Lastly, you must apply thin layers for a professional finishing touch as these don’t only last longer but also make stronger coats. By curing your nails under an LED lamp, your manicure will last longer without losing its shine.


Start off with filing your nails in the desired shape. Proceed to prep the perfect canvas by removing all lint. While applying the first coat – the base coat, keep it thin and don’t forget to cap the edges of your nails. Apply your gel color only after the base coat has dried off completely. After curing your nails, apply the base coat, protecting the nails and ensuring the glossy nails last for a longer time. Cure your nails for the last time, and don’t forget to apply a few drops of cuticle oil to moisturize your nails and get the nail salon feeling and professional finish at home.

The gelixir gel polish colors come in an amazing variety, allowing you to enjoy the perfect manicure at home. With proper application techniques, you can make your manicure last for up to three weeks, even a month.